Humans of Portrait: An Instagram account of Portrait Mode photos I've taken on my iPhone. Everything is better in Portrait Stage Light Mono.

Video Production

I've created simple educational videos on software products, most notably for Disqus and Redbooth, aimed at helping users learn the basics of how something works. I do everything from writing the script, storyboarding visuals, recording, and editing.


LonePlacebo was a technology blog I wrote from 2010-2015. I mostly wrote about the latest news from companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google, and shared tips and tutorials on productivity. My writing has also been featured on popular blogs including Lifehacker.


Alongside my friend Joseph Chang, I co-hosted a 19-episode podcast called the PlaceboCast (2013-15), where we discussed the latest tech news. Here are my favorite episodes:

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Panelist at the Comments & Community meetup in November 2016 for The New News group. Joined a panel that included reddit and Highly to talk about comments, community, and filter bubbles.

"Data Driven Community Management" presentation delivered on November 2015 at the SF Online Community Meetup.

Web Design & Development

Check out some of the web projects I've built at

Disqus Condensed

Disqus Condensed Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension that updates your Disqus Home feed with a condensed reading mode.


MyGrades Grade Calculator

Web app for students to calculate their current grade in a class and how well they need to perform to obtain their desired grade. Written in HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery.

Community Grows

Community Grows

Community Grows is an environmental education program serving high-needs youth, especially those living in public housing in San Francisco. After transferring their original website from Blogger to WordPress, I designed a custom website theme complete with a homepage, donation, and blog.